Eco Masque & Peel Gift Set



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Professional skin treatment for home use.
(The most effective skin treatment you will ever use)
For over 25 years, this remarkable treatment has only been available to an exclusive clientele. Combining an enzyme-rich masque with a professional peel, from the very first treatment, your pores will appear smaller and more refined, coloring more even and the overall appearance of your skin will be radiant and youthful.

Gift set includes:

  • 4 oz. Eco Protein & Enzyme Masque Powder     
  • 2 oz. Eco Peel
  • Eco Masque Application Brush
  • How to instructions

The base of this masque is enzymes -- RNA, L-Lysine and plant proteins -- to tighten the skin and its underlying muscles. The enzymes contained in the Eco Masque act as an agent to decompose, draw out debris, impurities and dead cells from the pores while increasing vascular activity. Made in the USA



Always all-natural, Always Cruelty-Free

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